Burkina Faso

The Dablo Joint Venture

The Dablo Project consists of a large tenement package comprising 4 tenements for a total of 981 square kilometres covering the Dablo Ultramafic-Mafic Intrusive Complex (DUMIC), with a strike length of 6 km identified so-far within a geochemically anomalous trend of over 30 km length (the Dablo corridor).

The project contains a significant multi-pulse, dynamic ultramafic-mafic complex (DUMIC) in an emerging PGE-Au, Ni-Cu Province, which could potentially host large palladium-platinum-gold-nickel-copper deposits. Focused drilling on the discovery outcrop at Dablo North has confirmed that significant mineralisation can now be inferred to extend for over 300 m of strike in the small portion of the DUMIC tested-to-date.

Dablo, Burkina Faso – Location and major regional projects